About Guiding in Namibia

Guiding welcomes all girls and young woman in Namibia, regardless of their religious, cultural or ethnic background.

Guiding welcomes adult leaders who are volunteers and are trained to present the educational programme for the girls of the world today and who give freely of their time and knowledge to support the young leaders of tomorrow.

Guiding programs are special because:
Links are built with others of all walks of life, self-confidence and a positive outlook on life are gained, new skills and knowledge are learnt, the importance of being an example of honesty and integrity, whilst leading a disciplined and happy life, is underlined, friendships in her own community and abroad are gained.

Guiding has been approved by the Ministries of Education, Arts and Culture and the schools are encouraged to include guiding in their non-formal programmes. The training of leaders for the new school units, is undertaken by the Girl Guide Association.

Guiding Branches

  • Brownies: 7 - 11 Years
  • Guides: 11 - 17 Years
  • Rangers: 18 Years and older
  • Adult Leaders: 18 Years and older

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